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Hinterzimmer: the answer to your RGS (Remote Gaming/Games Server) question. Forged by industry veterans, it is a flexible, modern and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified solution, offering bespoke features for whatever your needs.  Whether you prefer a SaaS model or purchase/buy for full ownership of the RGS, Hinterzimmer has you covered.
Slots, table, scratch, crash, instant win
Comprehensive locale & currency support
In-depth metrics and promo features
Easily scalable, failsafe architecture
Fun fact: Hinterzimmer is a German word and roughly means "Back room". Coincidentally, "Hinterzimmer" is in German often referred to as a special room where people gamble.

Why Hinterzimmer?

  • Modern tech stack
  • Simple yet versatile API
  • Easily scalable
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified
Core RGS
  • Our "Feuer Engine" GDK (game development kit) allows rapid game development for custom games, and is compatible with all Hinterzimmer instances
  • "Powered by Hinterzimmer" allows distribution of your games through our network of clients
  • Optimised hosting and monitoring costs
  • Reliability - cloud hosted on  ISO/IEC: 27001:2022 certified providers
  • Certified RNG (Random Number Generator)
Back office
  • Access to RTP and other metric monitoring
  • Country and currency statistics
  • Downloadable reports
  • Game history
  • Multi-jurisdictional support (10+ profiles available)
  • Stake and payout settings capability
  • Choice of ownership (buy/purchase the RGS with copy of the source-code) or a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, where we operate the instance for you
  • Promotion service built-in (freespins, discounts etc).
  • Geo-targeting tools, allowing granular region blocking
  • Comprehensive compliance features, catering for a multitude of jurisdictions and settings

Why Hinterzimmer?

Want to find out more?

The full technical Due Diligence on Hinterzimmer by Golden Whale ( visit website ) is available on request.
"Having reviewed and conducted a technical due diligence of the RGS, we're happy to state that the robust security and exceptional reliability of Hinterzimmer make it an ideal foundation for creating and deploying high-quality games."
Eberhard Dürrschmid
Golden Whale
"Hinterzimmer provides a sophisticated and reliable platform for creating casino games, and makes game development a breeze. Highly recommended."
Marcel Tobler
"Using Hinterzimmer, we've been able to swiftly develop and distribute our own casino games. User-friendly tools and resources make the development process smooth and efficient."
Managing Director
Enrich Gaming

Partnership model

Choice of instance ownership - purchase a copy of the source-code or utilise a SaaS model which we maintain.
Custom and rapid game development - which is compatible with all hinterzimmer instances.
Provision of backend services and engines - and distribution through our client network.

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About us

Robert Lenzhofer

Robert has been in the iGaming industry for 20 years as product-lead and founder. Most recently he co-founded Glück Games which merged with Gamevy in 2018 to become G Games, a successful 50+ staff iGaming supplier.

Rafael Razim

Rafael started working in the gaming industry in 1996 and specializes in developing stable and scalable platforms for different verticals in the industry such as Poker, Betting, Skill Games and Lottery. Based on this expertise he is now responsible for the new Hölle Games self-service platform.

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